Duggan Veterinary Supplies are delighted to offer pet owners a new, unique range of dog treats which can contribute to pet health. Ossobello treats are Italian-made edible treats for dogs, made exclusively of vegetable ingredients: corn and potato starch, collagen and glycerin. Humanisation of pets is one of the key trends driving the pet treat market currently. The trend has bolstered the demand for high-quality, premium treats and chews. Nielsen reports that pet owners are becoming less concerned about cost and more about quality.

Ossobello treats offer a compact but flexible texture which provides more security when chewing. They do not stain, and their shape provides satisfactory chewing, as well as excellent gum cleanliness. They dissolve slightly on contact with saliva to ensure complete and rapid absorption in the intestinal tract. The absence of animal proteins, GMOs, gluten, plastic and artificial additives guarantees total naturalness and high digestibility.

Donnacha Duggan, director says ‘Recent reports suggest that 23% of dogs are suffering from obesity. By choosing to promote and supply high value dog treats, we are offering specific value added benefits to the customer and their pets. All of our toys prevent tartar from forming, and we have models available for every type of dog, age group and chewing function. The addition of vegetable fiber ensures dental and intestinal hygiene too. This fiber is the same as that found in grass, which dogs usually munch on when they feel the need to clean their intestines.”

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