Cian Kennels


Cian’s Kennels is a charity that allows hospitalised kids to have their dogs by their side for that extra dose of comfort and joy. Every effort they make ensures that, regardless of financial circumstances, every child experiences happiness and comfort through the companionship of their furry friends. The charity is committed to providing this service in a structured, safe and practical way, free of charge to all qualifying families.

The services they provide include:

  • Full veterinary checks (including vaccinations, if necessary)
  • Collecting pets from home and transporting them to the DSPCA
  • Transporting pets to and from the hospital
  • Fully resourced Visiting Centre

The Visiting Centre was officially opened on May 20th 2022 at CHI in Crumlin and the charity hopes to expand these services to other centres and fulfil the dream of creating a legacy for Cian that will live on into the future.

Here at Duggan Veterinary Supplies, we’re proud supporters and sponsors of this incredible charity. Our commitment to providing medications and supplies to veterinarians, paired with our dedication to continuous CPD courses, plays a key role in promoting the overall well-being of animals nationwide and beyond. Together, Cian’s Kennels and Duggan Veterinary Supplies stand as true champions of animal and owner welfare. We’re genuinely honoured to continue our support for this heartwarming cause that brings smiles to children Nationwide.

Cians Kennels

Founder Evelyn Neary, speaking at the launch of their partnership with Duggan Veterinary, said: ‘The mission of Cian’s Kennels is to bring pets closer to sick children & their families. In doing so we aim to bring fun, distraction & a sense of normality to families at a difficult time. Our core services include facilitating visits at our pet visiting unit at CHI at Crumlin, transport of pets to and from Dublin, veterinary checks and kennelling services through our partners DSPCA. We have yet to find a similar service in the world so with no path to follow we are always looking for ideas on how we can enhance our existing services and also what additional services we could provide to our families.

As a relatively new service we are also always striving to increase awareness so that all families who could benefit from the charity are fully aware of how we can support them. So we are delighted to partner with Duggan veterinary and explore how their support can help us to achieve our goal of ensuring all sick children & their families can avail of the many proven benefits of having their family pet close by.’

Donnacha Duggan says ‘We at Duggan Veterinary Supplies support charity initiatives such as Cian’s Kennels as we believe in the power of giving back, knowing that by uplifting others, we also elevate ourselves and create a brighter, more compassionate world for us all. Supporting Cian’s Kennels is more than aiding animals; it’s also about bringing joy and comfort to sick children, fostering a bond that heals the body, heart and soul.

Affording sick children the opportunity to bring their pets into the hospital with them creates a healing sanctuary where love, comfort and companionship flow freely, turning fear into hope and adversity into resilience. Cian’s Kennels is a charity close to all of our hearts and deserves to be recognised, celebrated and championed, and we at Duggan Veterinary Supplies are delighted to do so.’