I don’t have much experience in archery yet because I started training only 10 months ago. Consequently, there isn’t much to write about my achievements so far.

My interest in archery began in Ireland while I was looking for an engaging sport for my son. Initially, I thought archery was a boring sport—just shooting at the same targets in some hall, nothing exciting. However, last year at the end of summer, I came across an advertisement for archery training in the forest, just 5 minutes away by car from my home. I decided to check it out with my son and wife.

It turned out to be a very pleasant form of relaxation, allowing us to spend time outdoors and meet new friends. We signed up for the club and became members of the Irish Field Archery Federation (IFAF). There are many archery clubs in Ireland, and the sport is growing in popularity. Irish archers won several medals this year at championships in Spain and Austria. Clubs organize championships and competitions in accordance with IFAF regulations, with members from all over the island participating.

These are 3D competitions where you shoot at 28 targets imitating animals, usually in the forest, with distances ranging from 10 to 60 yards. Our family loves animals, so we couldn’t shoot live targets. However, shooting at 3D targets is a fun alternative that doesn’t harm any animals.

Competitions are divided into different categories depending on the type of bows used (historical, traditional, or compound bows) and the age and gender of the participants.

I use a traditional bow, which is quite challenging to master because shooting with it relies heavily on instinct. At the last competition in Galtees, I was rather lucky and managed to win the gold medal out of the four competitors in my category. While it’s not a great achievement, it might be a good start. 🙂