The Techla XS Engraving Machine by MyFamily has changed the way retail pet stores do business. It isn’t just an engraving machine, its an experience. An experience that satisfies your customers’ desires allowing them to take home a completely customized product in less than 2 minutes!

This new instantaneous engraving system makes the tag customization easier, faster and more intuitive. Developed in every detail with the utmost care, Techla is a pure example of Italian design and it features a total aluminum, light and resistant body. The engraving system, with the 120° diamond tip, ensures the highest precision. Techla can be used without any external device thanks to its 7’’ resistive LCD touch screen. The software updates are easily carried out through the USB port. Techla XS uses a barcode on each and every tag in order to automatically recognize the tag to engrave. The hardest part is picking a tag with over 650 styles in our collection!

Choose from our “Friends” tags, hand-enameled that portray hundreds of breeds of dogs and cats in great detail, to the “Shine” tags with glitter enamel, to the “Glam” with Swarovski rhinestones, to the “Charms” with tender and witty phrases, up to the “Hushtag”, the first silent pet tags born from the fusion of metal and rubber.

With a system this easy to use, its no surprise that you will watch your sales increase. Our customers report up to sales of 600% more than if they offered the “old school” demand engraving service and up to 30% more than with all the other available SCAN HERE FOR engraving systems. Do not lose the opportunity to get these big advantages!

Imagine what this could look like in your store! Whether you’re looking to upgrade your old out dated ID tag machine or you’re thinking about investing in your first one ever, the Techla XS will bring you years of reliable service, profitability, and awesome customer appreciation.