Bovine reproduction synchronisation programmes come in all shapes and sizes. Having the right tools to implement bespoke bovine reproduction programmes means starting with the most comprehensive range of treatments available. Following on from the successful launch last year, Duggan Veterinary are proud to offer the Syntex and Fatro range of bovine reproduction products to the veterinary market and offer veterinary practitioners and their clients a Full Repro Range to cover all angles.

Irish research has shown that a cow calving in May will generate €400 less profit than a cow calving in February, due to reduced yields and higher feed costs. Calving patterns can be improved by generating larger numbers of heifers calving earlier and synchronisation can play a vital role in achieving a compact calving period for both cows and heifers.

There has been a significant increase in the use of synchronisation with Fixed Time AI (FTAI) in Ireland. FTAI makes it possible to achieve over 60% conception rate on the first day of the breeding season, and over 80% in the first 3 weeks and it complements the use of sexed semen as it eliminates the need for labour intensive heat detection.

Judgement on the protocol to be used should be made by the veterinarian responsible for treatment, on the basis of the treatment objectives of the individual herd or cow.

As an example, if using a short progesterone programme (5 or 6 day), 2 doses of prostaglandin are recommended to ensure complete luteolysis of the corpus luteum.

Donal Duggan states that ‘good fertility management is a key component in reaping maximum profit advantage from investing in FTAI, with either sexed or conventional semen, and we at Duggan Veterinary are proud to be at the forefront of this in offering the Complete Repro Range of products.’