MAXX Recovery Suit – the comfortable alternative to the E-collar for pet’s post-procedure care.


✅Breathable Fabric: 96% cotton, 4% Lycra


✅Zipper for easy wound access

✅Belt for a snug fit

✅Easy Pee/Poop Mechanism

✅Machine washable

Provide body coverage for wounds, sutures, and skin issues with this extra soft, 4-way stretchable suit allowing pets to heal with freedom of movement and extra relief.

Ideal for:

✅Post-spay and neuter care

✅Road accidents

✅Friction burns

✅Post-surgery recovery

✅Incontinence and urogenital issues

✅Seasonal skin problems

Watch our Veterinary Technical Advisor, Jennifer Mahon, and her model Daphne demonstrate the MAXX Recovery Suit.