Over the past 12 months, one of the areas we identified as needing improvements was with our Vet Portal. We are now proud to launch our new Vet Portal at www.DugganVetPortal.ie.

This latest version has all the functionality of the previous version, but also has additional features. For example, the modern, sleek graphic user interface offers easier visibility of images, description and attachments making it much more user friendly. This makes it easier to find the product you are looking for, saving you time in the process. Also, the scrolling banners help in identifying products which are on offer.

There are other functionalities to the new Vet Portal which may also help you through the ordering process. For example, if you have the Sales Order number and want to repeat your order, enter the number in My Account>>Import Products. Also, if you want to order a product you ordered recently, go to My Account>>Recent Products for a streamlined process.

Finally, we know how frustrating it must be when you need to add additional comments about an order you are placing. Whereas before you would have had to email or ring our Customer Services team separately, now in the cart when placing your order, you can communicate internally with our team by adding your comments below the Reference in WEB: or Comments. All in all, we feel this new Vet Portal is vastly improved on the previous version, and we will strive to continue to improve it, offering even more functionality for you.