Spring has truly sprung in Duggan Veterinary CPD Ed as Sarah and Siobhan are very busy organising courses, ensuring all delegates passing through our doors are happy. We had a range of courses running throughout the spring from skin and would reconstruction, amputations, emergency surgery, radiology, coupled with some private courses too.

In March this year we introduced a new course to our portfolio – Arthrodesis with Ciaran Jones. Arthrodesis is a specialised orthopedic technique which helps with maintaining quality of life in older animals who suffer with joint issues. This highly practical course allowed delegates to use top of the range instruments, perform the surgery and interact with Ciaran who is highly knowledgeable in many areas. Everyone left the course very satisfied and confident in how to perform the surgery.

Another big first for Duggans in 2024 was welcoming John Peavler, an International Companion Animal and Humanitarian Response Specialist to do training on safely handling wild or dangerous dogs. Delegates from County Councils, the Department of Agriculture as well as dog wardens flocked to Thurles for 3 days of training. Each group learned how to correctly use restraining and capture equipment to safely control dogs without injuring themselves or the animal.

John has many years of experience working in dangerous situations and was able to adapt his experience to the needs of the Irish attendees. This course mainly focused on real-life situations, and the practical use of the equipment.

Another new course introduced in 2024 was The Art of giving Feedback. Here at Duggans, we are keen to ensure the veterinary profession are training in not only clinical skills. As clinics grow and take on more staff, leadership skills are even more in demand. This course guides people in how to give constructive advice, have tough conversations, become self-aware of situations happening within the clinic and turning feedback into positive actions.