Every year, we service over 1500 instruments. Our Engineering & Repairs Manager, Sebastian, is a fully trained McLintock expert technician responsible for the servicing and certification of TB Guns in Ireland.

Such is the performance of the McLintock syringe that it is in use worldwide and is chosen by most agencies conducting eradication schemes.

Sebastian was born in Poland and came to Ireland in March 2006. He is multitalented and has worked as an electrician, carpenter, stonemason, gardener, factory supervisor, service technician, and even an actor.

Sebastian has been working at Duggan Veterinary for over 8 years and services TB syringes, Graseby and Mindray infusion pumps, Mindray products, MyFamily engraving machines, Flexineb nebulisers and Andis clippers. Outside of work, Sebastian enjoys DIY, Gardening, Movies, Computers, Archery, Hiking, and Cycling.

The servicing and test procedure complies with those detailed in the Manufacturer’s Quality Assurance Manual. This procedure is in accordance with the format of British & International Standards B.S. 5750, Part II, 1987, I.S.O. 9002. Service usually takes between 1 and 4 working days, unless we need to wait for a specific part which means it may take a little longer. To have your device serviced, contact our Customer Services Team on 0504-43169.