Veterinarians and owners alike have been searching for technology to use as a barrier in the management of Secondary Wounds, Surgical Incisions and Dermatitis. Zarasyl Animal Solution fits that bill and is a barrier cream formulated with technology that works.

Duggan Veterinary Supplies are thrilled to announce the distributorship for Ireland and UK of equine and companion animal range of barrier creams – Zarasyl. Relatively new to market, equine barrier cream, Zarasyl, utilises cutting-edge research on a proprietary amorphous silica, which provides sustained delivery of orthosilicic acid. Orthosilicic acid is the bioavailable form of silicon associated with healthy connective tissue growth.
Zarasyl Equine and Companion are not veterinary medicines which are subject to authorisation by the HPRA. All ingredients are odourless, non-volatile, water miscible, chemically stable, non-irritating and non-toxic. Steroid and antibiotic-free, Zarasyl is competition safe and contains no prohibited substances.

Following the success of the equine product, Zarasyl has recently released a much-anticipated new Companion Animal Solution for skincare. The veterinarian-backed formula is powered by an exclusive patented technology composed of amorphous silica and inspired by over 10 years of research and innovation.

Zarasyl’s Companion Animal barrier cream has been formulated to address the key requirements as a barrier for an ideal wound healing modality. Developed in conjunction with a team of scientists, Zarasyl is bringing human science and revolutionary technology to the equine companion animal industry. Zarasyl Animal Solutions can be used as a barrier on wounds, abrasions, and a variety of dermatologic issues.

Duggan Veterinary Supplies announces Zarasyl Distributorship

Both Zarasyl and Duggan Veterinary are passionate about science and animal welfare, and are delighted to expand the benefits of this amorphous silica formula to the equine and companion animal markets.

Zarasyl CEO Adrienne Magnier states, ‘Zarasyl is delighted to partner with Donal & the team at Duggan Veterinary – with their wide distribution network across Ireland and the UK. Our partnership is based on a shared vision of bringing revolutionary technology in animal skin and woundcare to veterinarians. Following our recent companion launch and strong growth over the past couple of years, we are really looking forward to what we can achieve together.’

MD of Duggan Veterinary Supplies Donal Duggan is delighted to have a product such as Zarasyl in the equine and companion animal armoury stating: ‘The Zarasyl team have done remarkably well in building a market for their equine product across the world. Now with the launch of the long-awaited companion animal product, we are delighted to partner with Zarasyl in growing and developing the brand into a recognised key product within and out with all Irish and UK veterinary practices. We look forward to helping the range develop further in the coming years.’