Duggan Veterinary Supplies Ltd. is delighted to announce the market launch of Fatroseal, a high-quality internal teat sealant based on bismuth subnitrate. Fatroseal is formulated to create a physical barrier in the teat canal that will help prevent pathogens from entering the mammary gland and provide an antibiotic-free physical barrier between the udder and the environment. This mmimics the cow’s natural first line of defence, the keratin plug, and will aid in lowering the incidence of new intramammary infections during the dry period.
Donal Duggan, MD of Duggan Veterinary was delighted to add a new and innovative product such as Fatroseal to the Duggan Veterinary intramammary range. There are a number of key product characteristics, which are very important:

  • To assess the behaviour of sealants in situ, thixotropic studies (3ITT) are used. All sealing products demonstrate thixotropic behaviour, but only Fatroseal is equivalent to the market leader. Therefore, the quality of the Fatro product compares very well.
  • The presence of air inside a teat seal dispensing syringe may present challenges during infusion. It may also leave gaps in sealing plug, reducing the adhesion to the teat canal and compromising the sealing action. Thanks to Fatroseal’s unique advanced manufacturing process, no air is left between the sealant and the syringe plunger. This guarantees excellent distribution of the product inside the teat canal, maximising sealing efficacy.
  • A unique syringe design, incorporating a shortened tip facilitates partial insertion of the tube. This helps to reduce the possibility of teat end and sphincter damage. The short tip also helps to ensure that the product is infused near the teat end, where it is required.

Donal Duggan states ‘We know from research that over 50% of all cases of clinical mastitis in the first 100 days of lactation originate during the dry period. We are delighted to bring an environmentally sustainable option offering strong protection for the entire dry period. Fatroseal offers an air-free syringe, with excellent viscosity, fast administration and a competitive price, eliminating the risk for new infections during the dry period.’