VIVA – Volunteers in Irish Veterinary Assistance is an Irish non-profit organisation working with small-scale livestock farmers in the Developing World to improve livestock husbandry, health and welfare. VIVA uses a One Health approach in its work which recognises the interdependence between animal and human health and the environment they share.

Duggan Veterinary Supplies stands as a steadfast supporter of VIVA, embodying a deep commitment to advancing animal welfare and healthcare accessibility across the world. Through our annual contributions, Duggan Veterinary Supplies plays a pivotal role in empowering VIVA’s mission to provide vital veterinary care to underserved communities and animals in need. Our collaboration with VIVA not only amplifies the impact of volunteer efforts but also underscores the importance of collective action in addressing the diverse challenges facing veterinary healthcare. Together, Duggan Veterinary Supplies and VIVA are instrumental in ensuring that all animals, regardless of their circumstances, receive the care and compassion they deserve, enriching the lives of both animals and their human companions across the world.

Every year, Duggan Veterinary Supplies are proud to be listed as the principal sponsor of VIVA’s ‘Win a Heifer’ raffle. This years draw, which raised almost €6,500, was held recently at our premises in Thurles, with MD Donal Duggan pulling the winning tickets in the presence of Mike Burke, VIVA.