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At Duggan Veterinary Supplies we operate a market-leading warehouse and logistics solution. Assisted by sophisticated resource management and best-in-class internal processes. Leading technologies support the efficiencies we guarantee.

HERBST software allows for real‑time traceability and tracking on every item, combine this with an experienced customer service team, and all guaranteeing that your goods and reputation is in the hands of the experts.

Warehouse Image
Padraig Hurley
+1,250 Pallets Shipped per month +1,250 Pallets Shipped per month
Access to 27 Transport Hubs Access to 27 Transport Hubs
8,800 Cartons Shipped per month 8,800 Cartons Shipped per month
+20 Monitored Security Cameras +20 Monitored Security Cameras
Dedicated Secure Storage Areas Dedicated Secure Storage Areas
+On-Line Ordering Capability +On-Line Ordering Capability
Fulfilment & Kitting Services Fulfilment & Kitting Services
Access to 800 Vehicles Access to 800 Vehicles
Over 12,500 Pallet Spaces Over 12,500 Pallet Spaces