Liam Kearney, CEO of Revive Group and owner of many show jumping horses, shares the benefits of giving 4Cyte to his horses. Two of his horses, Quatre Saisons Dwerse Hagen, aged 8, and Killycolgan Knight Time, aged 7, have qualified for the Young Rider competition at the Dublin Horse Show 2024.

From August 14-18th, Ireland’s only 5-star equestrian event comes to the RDS. Dublin Horse Show is one of the top global equestrian events and all in the heart of Dublin city.

Filled with great fun, good food, fancy drinks, and a little dressing up, the RDS Dublin Horse Show is an amazing experience and one of the best days out of the summer. Throughout the five days the extensive RDS grounds will be taken over by some of the best horses from around Ireland and the world. It is, after all, considered one of the top global equestrian events and all in the heart of Dublin city.

Using 4Cyte for horses offers several significant benefits, enhancing overall joint health and performance. Key advantages include:

  1. Joint Health Support: 4Cyte contains unique ingredients like Epiitalis, which help support the repair and regeneration of damaged cartilage, maintaining optimal joint function.
  2. Pain Reduction: Regular use of 4Cyte can reduce inflammation and alleviate pain associated with joint issues, improving the horse’s comfort and mobility.
  3. Enhanced Performance: By maintaining joint health and reducing pain, horses can perform better and recover more quickly after strenuous activities, leading to improved overall performance.
  4. Preventive Care: 4Cyte can be used as a preventive measure to protect against the early onset of joint problems, especially in active or aging horses, ensuring long-term joint health.
  5. Natural Ingredients: The supplement is composed of natural, high-quality ingredients, making it a safe option for long-term use without adverse side effects.

Overall, incorporating 4Cyte into a horse’s routine can lead to healthier joints, reduced pain, enhanced performance, and prolonged active life.

Hear what Liam has to say below.