Duggan Veterinary Supplies have this month announced their exclusive distributorship of Oralade by Macahl Animal Health.


Founded by father and son team of John and Anthony Mackle in 2006, the mission of Macahl was to create a drink that would provide palatable, ready to serve oral rehydration for dogs and cats. Oralade’s incredible tasting formula is the result of a highly hydrolysed 100% natural chicken flavour, making it ideal for use in all carnivorous species including dogs and cats with gastrointestinal sensitivities. The specially formulated unique isotonic ensures rapid absorption of fluid and electrolytes.


Speaking at the launch with Anthony Mackle, Duggan Veterinary MD Donal Duggan stated ‘We at Duggan Veterinary are very excited to partner with Anthony and his team. Oralade compliments a number of our ranges aimed at companion animals, and I see fantastic synergy between the two companies sharing the same ethos of promoting new and innovative products to support a happier, healthier life for all pets.’

Duggan Veterinary announce distributorship of Oralade

Made from purified water, free from citrates with 100% natural chicken flavour and no artificial preservatives, today Oralade is distributed in over 48 countries world-wide and growing steadily each year.

Contact Duggan Veterinary at sales@dugganvet.ie.